Senior Front End Developer

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Standort: St. Gallen

We create great innovations for the future of work. We provide technology that allows you to build excellent employer journeys. We offer solutions that help everyone excel in their job.

Are you a techie that likes to go there where no one has gone before? Do you like to operate and program on the very boundaries of what is possible? Do you like a challenge? Do you like the freedom of being a digital scout? Do you appreciate true craftsmanship? 

Unique Company Culture: our employees make the major decisions and elect our management
Technology: our web-applications (SaaS) show high performance and state-of-the-art technology
References: with 1000 well-known customers such as Zeiss, Nike and Daimler
Career: with our individualized employee development and promotions programs
Humanity: with team spirit, openness and honesty
Dynamics: with our exciting team events and challenging working environments

This is expecting you:
  • Team spirit and team work in a dedicated, professional and efficient team
  • A dynamic and entrepreneurial environment
  • A transparent, dynamic and flexible corporate culture
  • A work environment that offers great opportunities for growth and success
Your tasks:
  • Front-end development,design and template optimization to our customer needs
  • Visualization of data
  • Quality assurance, maintenance and documentation
  • Identification of new trends and technologies frontend
Your skills:
  • Professional experience in front-end development
  • Experienced with front-end technologies HTML5, CSS3, SASS
  • Good knowledge and experience with Javascript Data visualization (eg. Highcharts or D3)
  • Practical experience with jQuery and AngularJS
  • SQL, JSON and XML knowledge
  • Very good communication skills
  • Desirable first experiences with agile development methods (Scrum, Kanban)
  • Very good knowledge of German, knowledge of English is of great advantage

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